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Your gateway to the full spectrum of IT knowledge

Learning program designed for Ukrainian citizens, based in Bulgaria*



The applicants must be of age over 18 years and have valid work documents for Bulgaria.

An interview will be appointed for selected candidates.

Program will be held in English.

More information about: 
Access to the labor market in Bulgaria for citizens of Ukraine HERE
Temporary protection HERЕ



More than 20 years of vast experience focused on corporate and telecom infrastructure end-to-end in both Balkan region and Western Market. 

Well-designed program, allowing participants to define the area of further development that suits them best. 

One-of-a-kind practical education in IT Infrastructure in Bulgaria. 

Education combined with paid internship for the full length of the program (6 months, 4 hours per day)

In-depth understanding of all aspects of the IT landscape.

Together we are strong.

We are committed to play our part and support the people and families arriving from Ukraine in Bulgaria by giving them the opportunity to continue their professional development, despite the political circumstances. We firmly believe that we are first and foremost human and that we should stand by each and protect amongst all, basic human rights. Because together we are strong.

We aim to provide the brightest technical minds with the opportunity to look at IT from a different angle. A well-functioning and smart-built infrastructure is the driving power of successful modern organizations.

You need to look at it end-to-end, apart from pure software development. So first, you get a clear view of the components, landscape, technologies – all of the building blocks that empower people and companies to achieve more through technology. 

Then you can decide where your passion for IT lays. At TBS Academy, we offer this knowledge and nurture the next-gen highly skilled system engineers.

Program starts 15th of May.

4 MONTHS – Paid internship: 
theory, real-life use case, practice & corporate soft skills

o    Logical Connectivity
o    Local Area Network
o    Connecting Networks
o    Identity,Security & Access Control
o    Connecting to the Internet
o    Wireless Connectivity
o    Cloud Services
o    High Availability & Scalability
o    Servers and server components
o    Overview of Storage Technologies 
o    Virtualization and Hypervisors
o    Backup & Recovery
o    Connecting Remote Offices
o    Basic Troubleshooting



The top students may be invited to join TBS’s team




Acquire a clear view of the full picture - deep dive into the end-to-end infrastructure of a modern organization - from zero to functioning.

Learn from the best practicians in a constantly developing and growing business area.

Join a program based on a smart developed mix of theory, practice and use-cases.

Work on real projects hands-on, using cutting edge technologies.

Open your career path based on your own motivation, devotion and interest.


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